Fulgor Pizza Oven Multifunction FCO4512TMX

$ 2,077


The strength of this appliance is its multifunctionality and the innovative function pizza. Selecting the function pizza, located on control panel of the oven, it activates the preheating which reaches 350 °, the temperature of a professional wood oven. The pizza oven allows the cooking of two pizzas in 2'e 30 ". Equipped with technology pyrolytic, which means the self-cleaning oven.
Many accessories are included in the kit of this appliance. A refractory plate, which consents the hot air passage between its two faces, permitting a more uniform spread of heat and therefore homogeneous baking of the different parts of the pizza. A round steel grill, which allows the passage of heat in the lower part of the pizza, avoiding condense the moisture of the dough. And also a tray, two flat metal grilles and a soapstone for pizza. Appliances and accessories Fulgor Milano are indispensable, to create a professional ambience in the kitchen of your home.

Dimensions: 594 x 455 x 533 MM

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