Carrera Hand Blender 800W 554

$ 135


POWER IN YOUR HANDS: A good hand blender is all you need to make smooth, tasty soups and sauces. No oversized, noisy blenders necessary. Our Stick Blender has a hefty 800 watts of power, so is sure to overcome even the most unwilling of ingredients.

FIVE SPEEDS: Use the elegant LED display to keep track of the time you’ve been blending, as well as change the speed and engage the on-demand turbo. The gears won’t overheat, even when blending tougher ingredients.

IDEAL FOR NEAT FREAKS: With it’s Soft Start feature, you can have a smooth power take-off, like launch control in luxury racing cars. After all, you want to blend stuff, not make a mess in your kitchen.

STAINLESS STEEL MAGIC: From the motor to the blades, this Stick Blender uses stainless steel throughout the power chain. It blends ice cubes, nuts, potatoes, tough and hot ingredients like butter. No plastic blender could survive that.

DETACHABLE BASE: For easy cleaning. We recommend rinsing under a hot tap throughout the wash, so none of the ingredients remain on the blades and, when you use it over and over again, you’re making clean, fresh blends.

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