Carrera Facial Cleansing Brush 571

$ 109


Key Features:
Skip the spa and enjoy the full facial works from the comfort of your home. The CARRERA Facial Cleansing Brush is a multi-step facial cleansing tool that is easy to use and highly effective.

And if you've ever been put off by facial cleansers in the past over hygiene concerns - feel rest assured. Each brush is antimicrobial and can be thoroughly cleaned through a simple rinse under the tap. Included are four brushes: One for everyday use, one for sensitive skin, one for deep cleansing, and one for revitalizing.

And our product is waterproof, allowing for shower use. What's more, our brushes are suitable for both men and women. Each product comes with a reusable make-up applicator that provides a flawless finish. And our brushes help prepare the skin for the perfect skin - promoting soft skin and reducing ingrown hairs. Fast, our cleansing brush can be powered up in just three minutes for a single-use.

t's also a perfect travel companion, as it can be charged by plug or via a USB. CARRERA is a world leader in electronics and beauty tools and prides itself in providing quality and durability.

DEEP CLEANSING: This high-tech tool helps your skin regenerate better for a fresh, healthy complexion.

HYGIENIC: Each tool is antimicrobial ensuring a pure, germ-free experience. And each brush is easy to clean - just rinse underwater.

AT HOME SPA: Skip the spa and pamper your skin at home. With four attachments, our cleansing brush has all you need for a spa-level facial treatment.

UNISEX: Our brush includes a make-up applicator - designed to apply make-up flawlessly. And the cleansing brush helps prepare facial hair for shaving and reduces ingrown hairs.

WATERPROOF: Cleanse and invigorate your skin as part of your shower routine. Waterproof to IPX6 standards, it will gently glide against your face in the shower too.

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