Electrolux Iron 2200W EDB6120

$ 69


Ironing is not a time-consuming task anymore, thanks to the Electrolux iron that is designed to provide excellent results to the user in all aspects.

The innovative design of this iron tends to keep the clothes crisp by stiffening them. This iron delivers optimal performance to give you crease-free clothes that add to your look to a great extent. Furthermore, this iron is also very easy to use and serves its incredible features to the user for a long time. The durability quotient is further boosted by the high-grade material that is used to make this ironing essential.

Embedded with innovation, this iron aims to deliver optimal performance. It does not only enable the user to iron the clothes quickly but also ensures excellent efficiency while doing so.

This iron glides smoothly on the clothes and removes all the creases effortlessly. For instance, it tends to move easily around the buttons of a shirt and also under the collar, thus keeping the shirt starched and enhancing your appearance.

Moreover, the neat design details on this iron are enhanced by an elegant white finish.

This Steam Iron is developed intelligently to provide optimal performance in all aspects.

For instance, this iron is light in weight, which makes it easy for the user to iron a large number of clothes. Plus, it does not consume a lot of time either. Speaking of its incredible design, this iron can be used conveniently by both left and right-handed users.

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