Electrolux Blender 900W ESB7300S Stainless

$ 135


The Electrolux blender helps you easily prepare purees, soups, milkshakes, etc. It is designed with extreme care and features a lot of innovative technologies that are sure to make your cooking experience, easy, enjoyable, and fun.

This blender is best at perfectly blending the ingredients you place in it. You can use this blender to prepare a variety of delicious dishes. This Countertop Blenders is high on performance and promises to deliver excellent results every time.

It features a powerful 900 watts motor for efficient operation and works noiselessly, so you can rest assured you will not disturb anybody, which makes it highly beneficial for use in compact homes.

All the more, this blender does not consume much power to run, which helps in saving money on your electricity bills.

This blender has a unique design that is sure to take your blending experience to a whole new level. It is designed with precision and is easy to use. This blender is crafted from premium grade Stainless Steel that lends it amazing strength to survive the abuse caused by everyday use, ensuring you of its longevity.

So, you can use this blender every day to make a variety of dishes for your family and friends, without any hassle. Also, it requires negligible maintenance and can be cleaned up in quick time without much effort, making it extremely convenient for you.

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