Electrolux Handheld Vacuum ZB5003

$ 79


Hand-held refillable with wheels for quick and effortless cleaning. Anti-scratch casters to take care of the most fragile surfaces. Ergonomic handle for greater user comfort. 3.6 volts - NiMh.

The new Rapido range incorporates a large number of improvements. The strengths of Rapido such as the wheels and ergonomics have of course been retained and even reinforced. Rapido promises to be even more practical, efficient, and comfortable on a daily basis. To take care of the most fragile surfaces.

These castors make the vacuum cleaner ultra maneuverable by reducing the constraints on the wrist as much as possible, simplifying use on fabric surfaces (sofas, tablecloths, etc.), and protecting the most fragile surfaces from scratches. Cyclonic action separates dust from the air sucked in.

The filters are cleaner and the suction power is higher. Large gripping area for greater comfort whatever the angle of use of the product. Note: Varies according to the mode used, the type of surface, the frequency of use. It is normal to notice a loss of autonomy linked to the age of the battery or to its use.

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