Moulinex Sandwich Maker SW612543

$ 95


If you ever wake up and feel like having a sandwich or a waffle, you will appreciate having the Moulinex Sandwich Maker in your kitchen. You can fulfill all of your sweet and savory cravings at any given time and in no time, you will fall in love with preparing food and using this sandwich maker.

The Moulinex Sandwich Maker boasts a smart design which makes it ideal for multiple uses like making all kinds and types of sandwiches, waffles, and Panini. Thanks to 3 interchangeable plates, you can easily toast a sandwich, heat your Panini, or make the most delicious waffle you could make. The Moulinex Sandwich Maker is uber-easy to use and is even easier to clean after you are done thanks to its non-stick coated plates.

Completed with a red and design, the Moulinex Sandwich Maker is sure to inject more personality into your kitchen. When not in use, you can easily store this sandwich maker thanks to its vertical design.

The Moulinex Sandwich Maker is designed to make your food more delicious and your life easier.

To ensure you will love every aspect of having this sandwich maker, the professionals at Moulinex offer you a set of removable plates that are uber-easy to clean thanks to the non-stick coating they have. If you don’t feel like washing them by hand, you can easily pop them into your dishwasher and let it do the cleaning.

If you have a small kitchen or simply hate having things laying around on your kitchen counters, the Moulinex Sandwich Maker is perfect for you. Boasting a vertical design, you can easily and effortlessly put this sandwich maker away when not in use and it won’t take much if any, space.

The Moulinex Sandwich Maker is made to help you get the perfect sandwich and waffle at all times. Therefore, this maker will guide you through your sandwich making by having different lights on the top. With an on and off light followed by an end of preheating indicator, you can trust your Moulinex Sandwich Maker to help you get the perfect results at all times.

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