Delonghi Dedica Professional Coffee Grinder DKC-KG520M

$ 205


Grinder for all grinding purposes (with reservation even for espresso machines with pressurized filter)

Grinds the coffee into a container or directly in a portafilter

Conical steel burrs
The KG521.M coffee grinder has a 18 step adjustment for coarseness. You can grind coffee for espresso, drip och french press.

The espresso setting can work for pressurized portafilters that are used in lighter domestic espresso machines, like in the DeLonghi Dedica series espresso machines. The grinder is not suitable for professional quality espresso machines.

The conical stainless steel burrs provide a consistent grind, and the coffee does not heat up too much.

This guarantees a good cup one after the other. You can grind the coffee into the container that is included. The container can also be removed, and replaced with a holder for a portafilter from an espresso machine, for example from a Delonghi Dedica series espresso machine.

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