Fulgor Automatic Coffee Machine 9 Functions FCM4509TCX

$ 3,615


Fulgor Milano automatic coffee machine comes with a steam dispenser for cappuccino and hot drinks. Selecting the coffee option you like, automatically grinds, presses the powder, and serves the coffee.

The container holds 400g of coffee beans and automatically grinds a single dose for the best quality in each cup of coffee. A steam wand allows you to make a real Italian cappuccino, by warming the milk until you get a creamy froth.

Useful for making other milk-based drinks as well (chocolate, etc.). You can select the type of coffee to serve, strong, normal or light and even different grinds to vary the creaminess of the coffee and the intensity of the aroma. The hot water dispenser also makes it easier to prepare hot drinks (herbal drink, tea) by cutting down the preparation time.

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