Sony Clock Radio ICF-C1T

$ 35


Dual Alarm
This clock radio comes with two alarm presets. Set one alarm time to wake you up and the other time to wake up your partner.

No power, no problem
Wake you up no matter what! Even if the power is lost, the alarms will still sound at the preset times.

Stylish design
Elegant style with mirror-finished display. For sure it will fit with your bedroom interior design.

AM / FM Analog tuner
Simply tune into the radio station you want to listen to and enjoy your favourite radio programme every night and day.

Convenient device
Adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing and automatic summer time adjustment for extra convenience.

Advanced alarm features
Wake you up gently thanks to the progressive buzzer volume and the extendable snooze functions.

Battery backup
Automatic time setting when plug in for the first time and clock will be maintained even if there is a power cut.

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