Riversong Smart Band Wave 04 Act HR

$ 13


• OLED screen
• Heart rate monitor
• Sleep tracking
• Activity tracking
• Alarm clock
• Notification control
• Remote photograph
• Inbuilt USB charger

Multifunctional Fitness Tracker: With Riversong Act HR smart wristband, you can get the time, date, and your steps, distances, calories, heart rate data from the OLED screen.

Sleep and Heart Rate Monitor: Automatically detect your sleep time & sleep quality. It could also detect your heart rate to help you know more about your health.

- Activity Tracker
Track your goals and get actionable insights through “Act HR app”
It supports the tracking of different activities like- Running, sleeping, distance monitor, and calorie counter.

- Heart Rate Monitor
Perfect health tracker with a continuous heart rate monitor.

- Notification Alert
Notifies you for every incoming call and message alert by demonstrating the sender’s name.

- Sleep Monitoring
Track your daily sleep pattern by calculating your sleep time and quality.
Its smart alarm clock assist you to follow your pre-decided schedule.

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